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Please make a note of these safety and event guidelines as you plan your event. Failure to follow these guidelines can result in your event being stopped.

  • Your total contracted rental time includes your set-up and tear-down time. 

  • No glass is allowed on the rooftop.

  • Outdoor music must end by 11PM.

  • The bar must close 30 minutes prior to guest departure.

  • Guest departure must be an hour prior to the contractual end time.

  • Ticketed events are only permitted for non-profit (501(c)3) organizations. Tickets for parties may NOT be sold at the door. 

  • All alcohol must be served by a licensed bartender. Client may only provide a hosted bar. 

    • Drink tickets may NOT be sold at the event or the bar.

    • Cash bars are NOT allowed. Cash may NOT be exchanged for drinks at the bar.

  • All vendors must submit their COIs prior to arriving onsite. This includes but is not limited to: caterers, bartenders, DJs, bands, decorators, AV, entertainment, equipment and furniture rental, and additional security. Any vendor entering the venue, even for just delivery must have a COI on file. All vendors are subject to management review and approval prior to entry.

  • No more than 100 people are allowed inside the indoor rooftop space at a time. The maximum capacity for indoor and outdoor space is 250. If weather conditions are not allowing for the guests to be on the outside part of the rooftop, client must plan accordingly on how to manage the indoor capacity.

  • No smoking of any kind, including e-cigarettes, is allowed on the rooftop.

  • No glitter, confetti or silly string shall be used at all.  

  • Any balloons need to be secured to something so that they do not blow away or off the building.  Should it become windy enough that balloons start to come undone, you will be asked to secure or remove them.

  • No open flames allowed. User shall not do or permit anything to be done by vendors, hired staff or guests, nor bring or keep anything in or around the premises, that will increase the risk of fire or other loss (including by way of example, bringing flammables or explosives into the Premises or bringing fuel-powered machinery into the premises).

  • Absolutely NO guns or weapons are allowed anywhere at the venue or building property. This applies to clients or guests who are licensed to carry and any additional security hired by the client. 

  • User is responsible for all of its agents and visitors and shall ensure that do not do anything which User is not allowed to do. User shall faithfully observe and comply with all the rules and regulations which Landlord may promulgate from time to time regarding the use of the Rooftop Deck.

    • In the event of rain, the exterior accordion doors will need to be closed. 


Please see these warnings that may occur during your event:

  • Additionally, overserved, aggressive or disruptive guests may be asked to leave the event. If patrons are not compliant, they will be given one (1) warning from security, who will also notify the main contact of the event. If the individual needs to be spoken to a second time, security will ask that individual to leave.
    Please note: The client’s event can be stopped if warnings are not heeded. 


Please see notes about post-event fines and reimbursements:

  • User shall immediately reimburse Landlord the cost of any damage/extra clean-up.  The credit card on file will be charged and client will be notified.  

    • Bodily Fluid Cleanup: $250+/incident

    • Smoking, including e-cigarettes: $500 fine

    • Clients may not use glitter, silly string, or confetti: $1,500 cleaning fee

    • Damages to venue, furniture or equipment: at cost

For any inquiries or to start planning your next celebration, please get in touch.
833 West Jackson, Chicago, Illinois 60607
CALL 312.883.5856  |

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